New Eyes EP

by Timmy Autumn

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the original demo for 'spittle' was recorded and released on youtube two years ago today.
two years later, i've written more songs than i ever thought i could. these two years have been a rollercoaster of a journey into self discovery and many thanks go to chris grosse for believing in me.

'new eyes' contains songs i've recorded in the past year and stories that i'd like to share with my younger self; so here they are as i try to sort out turning 25 with new eyes.

thanks for dropping by and i hope you enjoy the music x

p.s. please feed me steak


released October 27, 2016

tracks 2-4 recorded and mixed by G R O S S E
all tracks mastered by G R O S S E
photography by et & wong min

thanks to chris, jeremiah and the fam a lam that keeps supporting me and pushes me on and on and on
thanks mom and dad for being patient with me
thank you Jesus



all rights reserved


Timmy Autumn Singapore

i sing and write in my bedroom

good vibes
sad stories

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Track Name: New Eyes
how do i look at new eyes
when the gone was perfect?
and i am cold
in the state of summer
the autumn days you live
are the chill in my bones
i find me losing the grip on my

lazy mornings are done
there are days of work to come
go on and manifest
what's before you
before you wake up
not knowing who you are
so go on baby
and you'll see

everything around me is redolent to you
always linger don't push it away
from me
but as a wise pope once wrote in a poem
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd
Track Name: June feat. EM
it was six weeks old, a story untold
made of lust and love, cried the mourning dove
imagine all the things it could have been
all the hopes and dreams that were never seen

little fingers never to touch your face
i hope it was saved by His grace
you were only one and two, unbeing mass
and it would have been june when you were one of us

i'm sorry you have to go (i can't love you yet)
i thought at least you should know (i'm full of regret)

and i love you somewhere in my heart
but now's not the right time to start

laying in silence side by side
it was comfortable even as you cried
i don't have to be your lover
dear you know those bad days are over

but you have to you gotta let it out
and clear yourself of all the doubt
let me help you find the life that you have been missing
leave behind the thoughts of death you've been embracing

love you don't have to go (it's not chance we met)
don't tell me that you don't know (i'm grateful for it)

that i love you somewhere in my heart
and now's just the right time to start

i'm sorry you have to go (i can't love you yet)
i thought at least you should know (i'm full of regret)
love you don't have to go (it's not chance we met)
don't tell me that you don't know (i'm grateful for it)
Track Name: Fourth Hero
put on your suit
don’t forget your hat
get out of the freezer and lay down in bed
this is the last one you’ll ever sleep in
so settle down and rest in peace

close your eyes
the game is on
they’re putting flowers on your bones
we sneak two cigarettes into your pocket
we know one won’t be enough

goodbye and i’ll see you again soon

your smile was the best thing about you
your kindness even strangers knew
and when you closed your eyes for the last time
you were free again like a dragonfly

goodbye and i’ll see you again soon
and we’ll play some cards
and we’ll have a few beers
and we’ll sing some songs with jesus
Track Name: Spittle
so i will stop here
because I will never reach her
but i sure hope that this song will do just that
i am staring at her paintings on the wall
because that's the closest to her heart
that i will ever be

and it is magic, when it happens
this transient room of healing
with the books that we read and the music that we shared
and exotic herbs in our imagination

we are precious
like God’s spittle

she’s running on the highway
without her clothes on
singing whale songs
with the vela pulsar and the stars
and she dances with the flowers
in the back room while
she hides her eyes behind
those dark lines that she drew

i hope i am still myself in your head.
seeing colors in numbers and the words that i said

as the silence grows
just keep on listening
for the precious breath that is taken

there is no sense in being alone or not
but it's in the being happy